Turn It Around


Some days you say you should have stayed in bed

You spend all your time trying to find a place to begin

Sometimes this old world can turn you into dust

But there's one thing you can always trust


            You can turn it around

            You've got the power

            Turn it around

            They can't  keep you down

            To lead a parade

            Sometimes you have to march the other way


            Turn it around

            You're just gettin' started

            Turn it around

            There's no stopping you now

            And you'll come through

            Like the whole world's countin' on you


Life is filled with never will's and might-have-been's

Broken hearts, abandoned dreams and dead ends

But you know that's not how the story has to end

Dreams come true, and broken hearts will mend




                        Life is one big inside job

                        The answer's written in you

                        All it takes

                        Is a little more faith

                        To see you through




Turn it around

Turn it around

You can turn it around

Turn it around...



                                                            Don Tolle

                                                            © 1998, Tollesongs/ASCAP