Power Of The People


Down every road I've walked on

I see people just want to be free

To trust in their brother

And live in harmony


But there's always a madman somewhere

Who thinks he's gonna be the king of us all

But I don't see that destiny

I believe in love


            And the power of the people


There's a preacher on the T.V.

Thinks he's got a lock on right and wrong

While he's preaching the truth to me and you

I hope he takes it home


And here comes another candidate

Whose sure he's found the way

But there's nothing new in that old soft shoe

He's only in the way


            Of the power of the people


                        It comes from above, it comes from below

                        It comes from within our collective soul

                        It flows from within, it flows from without

                        And it's here and now


            It's the power of the people


I swear there's a new world coming

I can feel it in the morning sun

It brings sweet peace to me and you

And hope for everyone


            It's the power of the people

            The power of the people...



                                                            Don Tolle

                                                            © l995, Tollesongs/ASCAP