On The Street Where I Used To Live


I took a little trip back to yesterday

To where I grew to be a man

And where I used to play

I found my way back to the place

But I could not find the time

And no one there remembered me

On the street where I used to live


I loved a girl from my old neighborhood

With all the passion of my youth

And when she left, she left a hole in me

That only time removed

Now there's the playground where we gave

Our tender hearts away

But I can't find that feeling today

On the street where I used to live


            Old familiar houses

            But nobody's home

            That I used to know

            And I wish that I knew now

            What I knew back then

            In that not so long ago


I tried to take some refuge from

The trials of my life

And reminisce with old memories

Of another time

And though it all looked the same

Everything had changed

And it'll never be home again

On the street where I used to live


(Repeat chorus)                             




                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l995, Tollesongs/ASCAP