Old Bob's Home


There never was anyone else

She was his very first love

And if he struggled sometimes with the words

Her smile told him his touch was enough


Together they walked through this life

That took in the lows and the highs

Nothing too special they did

But Lord how they loved all them kids


            Now the night is falling

            And this wind can chill you to the bone

            So if you go calling

            Better see if old Bob's home


Their kids all grew up and away

They promised to move back some day

And although they meant what they said

You know that they never did


And it was the first winter's snow

She was the first one to go

Just slipped away in his arms

He never did leave that old farm


(Repeat Chorus)


                        Just close your eyes

                        It's just a dream

                        And we'll all meet again


            The night is falling

            This wind can chill you to the bone

            The angels came calling

            Tonight old Bob's home

            Tonight old Bob's home

            Thank God old Bob's home



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        ©l992, Tollesongs/ASCAP