So Much Love


Night shadows fill the room

And dance against the wall

As I lie waiting for the robin's call

I know you've long since gone

But on nights like these

Your memory comes stealing soft and sweetly

Back to me


            And there's oh so much love

            There's still oh so much love


A loved one waves goodbye

As another says hello

That's just the yin and yang of it all

Now we can never know what might have been

But lets be glad for the time

We had to spend


            And for oh so much love

            Oh so much love


                        I see love as a raging river

                        That runs thru each of us

                        Go dip your cup into the deep

                        And drink up


            Oh so much love

            There's oh so much love

            Look around you

            There's oh so much love



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l993, Tollesongs/ASCAP