My Love


I will be your hammer

Or I can be your nail

One promise I have for you

My love will never fail


And you can lean on me

Or you can drift away

Just please come home to me

At the end of day


            And the rain my fall

            And the wind will blow

            But my love will not fall down

            And I will wear it like a crown


I will be your lover

Or I'll just be a friend

And hold you close to me

While your broken heart mends


My love knows no boundaries

It is without end

And while it waits for you

My love will bend




                        There's a place that I know

                        Where all true love goes

                        And I'll meet you there beside that stream

                        Where forever flows


I'll be your good morning

I'll rock you good night

And hold you through the darkness

Til the morning light


I've loved you forever

And when our days are gone

I swear my love for you

Will live on and on...



                                                            Don Tolle

                                                            © 1998, Tollesongs/ASCAP