Love Grows


She was everything he ever wanted

He was her every dream come true

But it took a little time

Before they knew


            It didn't come with a lightening flash

            Or in the blink of an eye

            It's more between the lines you know

            Where love grows


They were friends before they were lovers

They were strangers until then

You gotta read a book to discover

The story within


            It wasn't like a shooting star

            Across a darkened sky

            It's in the gentle winds that blow

            Where love grows


                        So stand by your heart

                        That's where loves' garden grows

                        Faith is the key we cannot see

                        But it opens every door


So before you walk away

Turn the page and give it up

Better give that love of yours

A closer look


            It's not always the melody

            Sometimes it's the rhyme

            But most times it's the space between the notes

            Where love grows

            Love grows...


(Repeat lst verse)




                                                                                    Don Tolle

                                                                                    © l995, Tollesongs/ASCAP