Love And Another Chance


I had a lover once upon a time

I thought her heart beat just for mine

Took her for granted 'til she slipped away

I said I didn't need her anyway


            Now I'd give up everything that I have

            Do anything that she asked

            For her love and another chance


I knew a man who had it all

More gold than you ever saw

He spent his life blood gettin' rich

And when I asked him if he had one wish


            He said I'd give up everything that I have

            Let it go, just give it all back

            For love and another chance

            Love and another chance


                        Hearts that are broken

                        Time will mend

                        But chances not taken

                        Won't come again


Love and another chance...



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l992, Tollesongs/ASCAP