Lonesome For A Feeling


When I was a young man

I dreamed a young man's dream

Fame and fortune were everything

That mattered to me

Now I'm a little older

And I hope wiser too

Now all I want is your sweet love

And to be with you


            So forgive me if I seem sometimes

            To drift away

            Honey I ain't goin' nowhere

            But somewhere in my head

            I get lonesome for a feeling

            That I used to know

            One that I left somewhere

            Way back down the road


Now time is our great teacher

And it's a healer too

See how all the wisdom that I've gained

Has led me to you

And how all my disappointments

And every tragedy

Vanished with the first sweet kiss

That you gave to me


(Repeat chorus)


                        There's no looking back

                        Or longing for

                        Just a sentimental soul

                        Lonesome for a feeling

                        That I used to know...



                                                                                    Don Tolle

                                                                                    © l995, Tollesongs/ASCAP