Just For Me


I want a love that's for free

One who always cares for me

No matter..the weather


A heart that I can come home to

One to tell my secrets to

And who'll hold me

When I'm lonely


            There's a lonesome streak in me

            That's always been..it'll always be

            But I swear I don't want to be alone

            I just want some honesty

            Space to grow..a place to be

            And a love that's just for me


There's a song inside of me

A melody only waiting

For someone to sing it


So many times have I known

Loves' embrace

But then it always seems to

Just slip away


(Repeat Chorus)


                        Lovers come and go

                        And each keeps a little of my soul

                        Maybe someday I'll find

                        A love that's all mine

                        And one that will never grow cold


I want a love that's just for me...




                                                                                    Don Tolle

                                                                                    © l996, Tollesongs/ASCAP