James Duane

We came across the ice fields on the cusp of a new age 

Full of our youth we were brave

Brothers of the spirit we were children of the sword

And to this day the story is still told of James Duane

We rode over the mountains and through the canyon walls

And into the valleys below

Guided by a vision we were seekers of the truth

The only one that could lead us through was James Duane

Only James Duane

We never knew where he called home or if he had a family

He kept his distance like he kept his word 

He’ll forever be wrapped in mystery

James Duane

The crops brought forth a bounty from the land

And we watched our children grow

To realize the dreams we follow to this day 

And no one knows when he slipped away but James Duane

What ever became of James Duane..

And long before the wheat fields rose up on the plains 

Before our forefathers laid the roads

There came a man who braved the way for you and me

And then just disappeared into history

Some say he was a sinner others say a saint

But he was a savior to us all

In those crowded years out on the old frontier

No man stood as tall as James Duane

(Repeat Bridge)

What ever became of James Duane

What ever became of James Duane

Don Tolle

©2007, Tollesongs/ASCAP