Home Town Saturday


The old men gather on the courthouse lawn

To tell their tales and spin their yarns

About the way the war was won


And though the endings never change

They keep a tellin' them just the same

'Cause that's the way that the story goes


            On a home town Saturday

            Home town Saturday


Kids in front of the hardware store

Talk about the game from the night before

And the latest picture show


Where everybody knows your name

And they'll wave just the same

To people they don't even know


            On a home town Saturday

            Home town Saturday         


                        And though I left it all so far behind me

                        Many years ago

                        My home boy heart remained

                        And now those barns, bridges, silos and trains

                        Are callin' me again

                        Back to this...




(Repeat  Chorus)



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l996, Tollesongs/ASCAP