Freedom Road


I cut my self and nearly bled to death

Walking down freedom road

There are no safety nets

Out on freedom road

The rain came down

And the wind did moan

I never felt so alone

And that's where I saved my soul

Walking down freedom road


I came upon a gypsy woman

Walking down freedom road

With eyes on fire and black as coal

She looked into my core

And said if you don't really want to know

Then you'd better not go

The truth waits there for you

Out on freedom road


            And I wish we could all go

            Walking down freedom road


I thought I might rest a spell

And maybe lighten my load

So I lay down and closed my eyes

Right there beside the road

There came a dream that was so real

It's like it was in slow mo

And everyone I'd ever know

Was there on freedom road


            (Repeat chorus)


                        We're all just spinning through the universe

                        Drifting endlessly through the cosmos

                        Stardust...dispersing and reforming

                        As we make our way home

                        And I don't know where this mystery all ends

                        But this I do know

                        If we don't learn to love ourselves and one another

                        We're never gonna walk freedom road


            And here we all go... walking down freedom road

            Here we all go...walking down freedom road


                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        ©2001, Tollesongs/ASCAP