Fall For You


I've been around a time or two

Thought that me and love were through

I practiced holding back

'Til I thought that's all I could do


Then there you were in front of me

You touched me with your sensitivity

And I just cannot hide

From what I feel inside

When I'm with you


            I'm gonna let go and fall for you

            Gonna give it all to you


Before you woke me from my sleep

I was adrift on a lonely sea

Without a star to guide me

 To a harbor where love is mine


There's no defense against the way

you're touching me, the way you make me feel

Like I want to stay

This time I don't want to run away


(Repeat Chorus)


                        This time there'll be no holding back

                        A safety net won't do

                        I'm gonna pack up all my love

                        And bring it home to you

                        I'm gonna fall for you


            I'm gonna fall for you

            Baby I've been saving it all for you



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l991, Tollesongs/ASCAP