I rolled over in Pensacola

Chasing that new age dream

Somethin' about letting go

Whatever that means

I was a little here

A little there

I was somewhere in between

Giving up or going on

The night I met Earlene


            Earlene, Earlene

            Can you tell me what it all means

            She said the past is dead

            Just look ahead

            And don't worry about in-between


You don't have to go to the coast

Just to bury your head in the sand

You can deny and pretend

But you're right back where you began

She said you know we're all just travelers

On this road that knows no end

And that all made perfect sense to me

Lying there with Earlene




                        I touched the hand of love that night

                        But in the dawn

                        I awoke as if from a dream

                        And she was gone


Now many years have come and gone

Since that night of ecstasy

And all in all I have to say

Life's been good to me

And sometimes when that Gulf wind blows

Her words come back to me

That night I made love with Earlene

That night she set me free




                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l997, Tollesongs/ASCAP