Down This Road


I have seen her gleaming wet

With raindrops as I rode

From the mountain tops

To the valleys of my soul

And I have seen the sun so bright

It nearly blinded me

I've been up, down, turned around

Travelling up and down this road


And it doesn't seem to me

All that long ago

You were still a dream

That my heart longed to hold

But now as the miles go by

You're just a memory

Of another one that came so close

To me back down this road


            Down this road


You have been a friend

When I was all alone

And took me to the things

That I thought I wanted most

And you have been an enemy

That took me far away

From the ones I've loved and lost

Somewhere back down this road


            Down this road


                        Sometimes I think I've lived life

                        Chasing my tomorrows

                        And all I want seems to be

                        Always farther on


            Down this road

            Down this road...



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l996, Tollesongs/ASCAP