Climb That Mountain


The day begins when that whistle blows

And I take my place in the line

I've got a bossman lookin' over my shoulder

And he's no friend of mine

But anyone who knows me well

Knows I'm just a bidin' my time

Till I make my mark and claim the heart

Of that girl I left behind


            Someday I'm gonna climb that mountain

            Reach up and touch the sky

            Gonna write my name in the book of forever

            Take a big bite of that pie

            And maybe then you'll have me

            Maybe you'll say I do...oh

            Someday I'm gonna climb that mountain

            To you


I've heard it said that a poor boy don't have

Half a chance in hell

Of ever gettin' ahead

In this mile-a-minute world

But my love is stronger than any wall that could

Be built around me

And I've got a dream right by my side

That's done set me free


            (Repeat Chorus)


                        They may own my time

                        But not my mind

                        And someday soon

                        I'm gonna leave this dead-end job behind






                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l997, Tollesongs/ASCAP