Another Love 


The night falls down on this sleepy delta town

The lights come up and the mist descends

On this..hallowed ground 

I walked on as a kid

Not sure why I have returned 

Maybe it’s to find myself

And to try and forget what I’ve learned 

I never thought a love like ours could ever end

And I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way again 

I never thought I’d ever be in this place again 

Alone beneath these stars above 

And dreaming of another love 

It seems like our lives just slip away 

One day a boy ain that school yard there 

And the next..I’m here 

Wondering where all of our yesterdays have gone 

And whatever became of our

Love forever more

I gave so much of myself away 

And I don’t know if I can get it back again 

I hope someday that I will forget this pain 

And just remember the love we knew 

Before you.. were just another love 

We live lives torn between 

What is..and what might have been 

And the path that leads us to our hearts

May break them in the end 

But sweet...the pain

The night falls down on this sleepy delta town...

Don Tolle 

©2004, Tollesongs, ASCAP