Always A Lady


She looks in the mirror and tries to remember

The girl that she used to be

And while no one is watching a teardrop is falling

For the innocence that's slipped away


            Her hands aren't as pretty as they used to be

            But her beauty has grown through the years

            She's a friend and a buddy, the kids call her mommy

            But shes always a lady to me


We've held each other through hell and high water

And we've watched our children grow

And though at times she won't admit it

I don't think she'd trade places

With anyone else in the world


            She knows me better than I know myself

            And she loves me like nobody else

            And every day I wake up and thank God above

            That she's always a lady to me


                        And oh, what would my life be

                        Without her beside me


She's always a lady to me

She's always a lady to me



                                                                        Don Tolle

                                                                        © l992, Tollesongs/ASCAP