A Brand New Day


Was it only yesterday 

It looked like I had it made

Before my best laid plans all fell through

Life is full of twists and turns

The more we live the more we’ll learn

We just have to take it as it comes

So I blow a kiss and send it on its way 

I send it to a brand new day

I can still hear her say 

Her love was here to stay

Then I watched her walk away one cold lonely morn

Now I wouldn’t change it if I could

She led me straight to you 

And the greatest love I’ve ever known

So let it go and watch it float away 

Into a brand new day

Seasons come and seasons go

Like winter into spring

But we’ll survive though we may fall

Always to rise again

There’s so much trouble in this world

It feels like we’re on a tilty whirl

I don’t know why we can’t all get along

We’re not that different you and me

We all need love and air to breath 

And don’t we all call earth our home

I think it’s time we turned the page

And declare a brand new day


Don Tolle

©2007, Tollesongs/ASCAP