Ride Me Harder


By the day by the hour

Sweatboxin' a sound dollar

Storekeepers cash business

Warehousin' whose tomorrow


Runnin' highways runnin' labor

Workin' cheap for surely somethin'

Fat bossman's skinny favors

Brownbeddin' in whose mansion


            Haywood ride me harder to hold 'er

            A greasy pole in my back

            Turn my dusty whitebread over

            Bleed the lines in my tracks

            Haywood ride me harder


By the day by the hour

Wayladen to a pension

Timetables watchin' closer

Sweat boxin' whose dollar




A case o' whiskey a case o' beer

Unwindin' too tight to worry

Now a lone woman stuck showin'

Up a halfway street full o' hopin'





Haywood ride me harder

Haywood ride me harder

Ride me harder



                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                        © l994, Purple Girl Music/BMI