Jackie's been workin' nearly all of his life

Since he was a news boy on his bike

From the Navy to hell without a single tear

To workin' in the mill now for thirty-five ffyears


Jackie made a home for his family

And tried to raise little Annie like she oughta be

He took to the Bible soon as he could read

And now h's sixty-years old with a boy of three


            Jackie's doin' what a daddy is supposed to do

            Workin' hard, livin' honest and true

            Lend a helpin' hand to your next of kin

            Cause it's flesh and blood from the heart to the very end


You see Annie's been sick, kickin' up her heels

And Johnny's out wanderin' so far he can't see

Fightin' a war we keep inside so deep




                        God bless those broken families

                        God bless those souls so far from home

                        One day there'll be rest for me and you

                        And Jackie

                        Jackie's doin' what a daddy is supposed to do


Well you might see Jackie every now and then

At the country store or around the bend

With his grandson grinnin' and one tired smile

You see, Jackie's raisin' a boy whose almost five




                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                        © l993, Purple Girl Music/BMI