I've Had Enough


It's  only a scratch

But freedom's leakin' out

Pinned down holdin' up the world

Fumblin' round flat


Blasted in between

Rivalin' a darkness

Forty five long hard years

To desperate for you


Friends are lovin' traue

Miracles are livin' on through

Been thinkin' full o' makin' mistakes

Reckon I've had enough


            I've had enough

            No less pushin' my heart

            More over not forgotten

            I reckon I've had enough


No hunger for food

Blessed on my table

Bad favors from thirsty ol' lovers

Reckon I've had enough




                        You got attention

                        And I know it

                        Golden reflections

                        Showin' enough enough now


Kickin' down wind

Clever ditty's mistress

She ain't holdin' up this world

Stumblin' on back





I have had enough                                     

Reckon I have had enough now              



                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                        © l993, Purple Girl Music/BMI