It's Over Again


Franklin's five an' ten's torn down

Another one's on the way

Too many stories sound the same

Hey listen it's over agan


Your damn golf course strole my horse

And plumblin' work don't pay

To walk the deal I know of course

Hey listen it's over again


            Hey listen

            It's over again

            Hey hey listen

            It's over again


All I've ever done is lean

On a house too old and rotten

Deeper in the cracks between

Hey listen it's over again


A million miles behind us now

My efforts less than true

Each one still a passing light

That finds me missin' you




My grass is dead as four o'clock

In a swamp of fun for profit

God bless my job it's time to get up

Hey listen it's over again




(First verse)




                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                        © l994, Purple Girl Music/BMI