Hannah's Tradin' Post


Hangin' timbers creek the pain

Welcomin' the feastin' bats '

While the company safely waits

In Hannah's tradin' post


The sweet breath of an outside chance

Sickens in your knees and legs

And sours on your mind at last

In Hannah's tradin' post


She's always been and always seen

With smilin' hands to wseigh what's real

But there's very very little change

When all the money's gone


            Now the goldmine is abandoned

            Leavin' treasures unattended

            Rusty coal cars standin' frozen

            And scattered cages sprung wide open


A fool's death's for another's best

A song and dance no longer sound

The twisted tracks lay in regret

Dynamited to collapse


Shovels picks and hammers told

Of blasphemy confoundin' us

Sweatin' from a hundred years

Now silent as a desert




Progress soon will swallow you

And sour bitter on your mind

For a fools death waits on the steps

Of Hannah's tradin' post


(Repeat First Verse)



                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe                        

                                                                        © l993, Purple Girl Music/BMI