Dimestore Pretty Boy


Countin' hairs on my head

Drug through forty 'leven hells

The midnight train ain't runnin' late

Ain't livin' ridin' lyin' down

You dig a hole I jump inside

I try to fly you dust my tracks

I do leave my shoes behind

You don't, I get stuck on my back


            Sock me through an' through ol' news

            Knock me counter-clock-wise blue

            The midnight train ain't runnin' late

            That engineer don't make mistakes


                        Railroad watch don't come

                        From a Dimestore pretty boy


You throw a rock and I go to jail

I step an' fetch my ways to bail

You lend a hand I grab my throat

I don't need your help to go to hell

You wrote the book an' I sign your name

I stutter loud you walk away

Mr. Hide my poker face

The Jekle place is gonna fade




Don't be crappin' outta my piggy bank

That gamblin' fever gonna kill a rose

I gotta dream on a sweet ol' river bank

She knows my name an' how it goes





                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                        © l993, Purple Girl Music/BMI