Big Ol' Picture


It was three o'clock all afternoon

A wolf in my window

Been preachin' in your restroom

Drinkin' her perfume


Livin' in your alleys

Alley ways I cried

I been bustin' out dem lightbulbs

And sleepin' on fire


Uncle Tom's ol' foolery

Çut me deep in misery

Ain't enough o' damn white lightnin'

To cover up the flashin' for that


            Big ol' picture comin' to town

            Every young and old somebody's gonna play a real big part

            A sell out kinda crowd's gonna stay and see it through

            That big ol' picture is a comin'...comin' for me and you


Time's gettin' up sweetheart man

Your crazy bed's turnin' round round

Bills due in the mornin'

And I'm still in town to see that




Fixin' to the point

Playin' for keeps boy

Ol' money held me up lawd

Smak-ta-dab in doubt outta that





That big ol' picture

That big ol' picture



                                                                        Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                        © l993, Purple Girl Music/BMI