Another Wisdom Not My Own


Hughburt worked irregular

Danny jacked him in the juggler street

The boy's knifin' strikin' back

Now a nervous crowbar rachetjaw


Behind a barn down in the weeds

He found a clue in a block o' haystacks

Divin' for pearls all made o' tin

Dumb old luck buried eighteen years


            Who really knows about dumb old luck

            Who really cares about thinkin' out loud

            It ain't supposin' for me to be wantin'

            Another wisdom not my own


Now every move a man's resisted

Bagged his groceries for local calls

Hughburt talked about hearin' toys

Danny spittin' tears through the noise





I've taken my turn at workin'

A speck o' thought swept up in a can

Hughburt worked irregular

Danny's rich in the tears through the noise





Another wisdom not my own

Another wisdom not my own...



                                                                                    Malcolm Holcombe

                                                                                    © l993, Purple Girl Music /BMI