Wherever I Go


You're never gonna see me

‘Til I'm out of sight

Never gonna hear me

‘Til I say goodbye

Never gonna hold me

‘Til you let me go

You'll never be with me

‘Til you're all alone


                        So I'll be leaving

                        But I'll be around

                        Just listen in the evening

                        When the sun goes down

                        And you can hear me calling

                        And honey you'll know

                        I carry you with me

                        Wherever I go


Like a light in a window

In the dead of night

That you never had noticed

In the broad daylight

I'm the one you walked by

Just a little too long

That maybe you'll notice

Now that I'll be gone




            Oh wherever I go

            I carry you with me, praying you'll know





                                                            Tony Arata

                                                            © l986, Grandison Music Inc/ASCAP

                                                            Morgan Active Songs Inc/ASCAP