The Man In The Mirror


Making up stories

For me to say

To tell everybody

Why you went away

You gave me no reason; you wished me well

And left me here with all these stories to tell



Your best friend called me

Tonight on the phone

I said your away now but you won't be long

I told your brother

You'd be home next week

It seems like I've got a story

For everybody but me


            But what do I tell the man in the mirror

            He don't believe me at all

            He knows I'm lying

            That it just ain't true

            So what do I tell the man in the mirror

            About you


All of the stories

I've told about you

I start to believe them

They almost seem true

But every morning I realize

That all of my stories are nothing but lies



                                                                        Tony Arata

                                                                        © l983, Grandison Music Inc/ASCAP

                                                                        Hacienda Music Inc/ASCAP