The Magic and the Light


Born in Elgin, ‘39

Crossed the Windy City line

And never was the same again

Heard the way the feel was played

Followed in the magic way

And now we do our best to follow him



            Funny changes with funny names

            Do our best to sound the same

            As the magic and the light



Buddy when he got the light

He could burn a little brighter than

All the best we knew

And now when I play alone

I light a candle of my own

And fancy I'm a burner too



                        ‘Cause he gave to you and I

                        Some old magic we could try and play

                        And always have around

                        Just to pass

                        The night









                                                                        Tony Arata

                                                                        © l984, Grandison Music, Inc (ASCAP)