Hey buddy bring the stories

And I will bring the rest

Might not eat tomorrow

But tonight my wallet's blessed


Take off in the Falcon

And figure out the world

Or talk of more important things

Like who's your favorite girl


            Lord they wonder

            At the way we spend our time

            Run in all directions

            No worries on our minds

            No one ever told me

            That crazy was a crime





Now we can't ride forever

Down the road in this old car

But I will long remember

And hold them in my heart


Glad just to have known them

When the careless days are gone

And I'm somebody someone

Depends upon


            Oh two memories when this life is through

            One of doing everything a man's supposed to do

            And one of doing nothing

            But acting like a fool









                                                            Tony Arata

                                                            © l984, Grandison Music Inc/ASCAP