Good to see you

My you're looking well

Freedom pleases you

Honey I can tell


You just can't imagine

The pain that I've been through

Why is it so easy on you




                                    As a favor to a friend

                                    Say you miss me now and then

                                    Would it hurt you to pretend

                                    I don't care if it  aint't true

                                    Would you say you're hurtin' too

                                    Won't you please pretend


It has only

Been a month or so

But to see you

One would never know

It's hurtin' me so badly

To know you've gone away

Must you look so happy today





                                                            I'm all right

                                                            I'm doing okay

                                                            I'm already over you

                                                            And I'm just pretending too





                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tony Arata

                                                                        ©l983, Grandison Music, Inc/ASCAP\                                                                              Hacienda Music, Inc/ASCAP