Losin' Every Night


Well if I had a witness

To see how I tried

To stay on this side of the door

But then I got restless

The cars rollin' by

I paced up and down on the floor

            And I stood up and stared out the window awhile

            And I said that I wouldn't

            But I must have been lyin'

            Oh and here we go away one more time


Chorus:                     And I'm losing every night

                                    Oh yes I'm losing every fight

                                    Honey all in the world I can say for myself

                                    Is that I can lose better

                                    Than I can do anything else


Well upon my arrival

I'm half the way there

Lit up like Saturday night

            And then I drink and away whatever feelin' is left

            And swear to do nothing that's right

            With a red who dances

            Like she's out of her mind

            ‘Til I'm out of money

            And she's out of time

            Oh and here we go away one more time





                                                            Tony Arata

                                                            © l985, Grandison Music Inc/ASCAP