I'm Gone


Well I never laid a hand upon my favorite girl

Though I held her in my dreams every night

And when I'd see her I'd go dizzy

I couldn't do a single one thing right

            And the only time she spoke to me

            I fell apart

            A feeling just too sweet and strong

            Hold me baby, I'm gone



And I never got to ride upon them big rail trains

With the coal that burns so black that it looks blue

But I'd sit down by the rails

And wave at every one that'd roll on through

            And I could hear the iron angels on their way at night

            I'd let ‘em carry me along

            Hold me baby, I'm gone



And I never got a single one to understand

What I go through everytime I hear that song

There's a line or two that kills me

And a couple of lines that keep me hangin' on

            But when I sit down in my lonely room and sing along

            For awhile ain't nothing wrong

            Hold me baby, I'm gone



                                                            Tony Arata

                                                            © l985, Grandison Music Inc/ASCAP

                                                            Morgan Active Songs Inc/ASCAP