Finally Goin' Home


You know I feel like a million

Down to my very bones

And I got a legal reason

Waitin' on me at home

Shes' a brown-eyed full of goodness

Little woman I'm proud to call my own



                                    She makes me feel like Christmastime

                                    Gettin' everything you want

                                    Like a bottle of wine

                                    Like nothin' else don't

                                    Like bein' away

                                    When you're finally goin' home

                                    Finally goin' home


Every time I hold her

Nothing in the world is wrong

Makes me sit and wonder

Well how did I get along

All those years that I was

Doin' nothing more than hangin' on











                                                            Tony Arata

                                                            © l985, Grandison Music, Inc/ASCAP